Amaya® Yoga Products the end of maya...

Imagine a day in which you were outside and the sky was so filled with clouds that the sun was hidden behind them. Then, the clouds thinned and the sun shone through. Remember how you felt in that moment. The goal of yoga is that you feel this way all the time; this is svaroopa – your own divine essence. This is amaya – the end of limitation.

Even when hidden by the multitude of clouds, the sun is always there. The same is true of your own divine essence – it is always there. The goal of the Amaya line of products is to dissolve those clouds in yourself so that you may enjoy the radiant divine light hidden within.

In yoga systems, amaya (pronounced “ah-maayaa”) is formed from two parts: A- is a prefix that means “the end or freedom from.” Maya translates as “delusion” or “illusion.” The Kashmiri Shaivite tradition, which Swami Nirmalananda teaches, honors maya as the enticing mother of multiplicity that is so intoxicating that you get lost in the multiplicity. In this process, you lose your own divinity, which, like the sun behind the clouds, is still shining in its radiant glory, intact but hidden by the multiplicity in the world and in yourself.

Swami Nirmalananda personally selected or created all of the products in this line, specific to support your study and practice of Svaroopa Vidya, a comprehensive science of the recognition of your own divine essence that includes chanting, pujas (ceremonials), breathing practices, contemplative practices, mantras, meditative practices, seva (volunteer work), and Svaroopa® Yoga, a style of yoga that includes poses and breathing that focus on physically opening through and around your spine to create internal space.

Items like our rudraksha malas help carry your meditative perspective throughout the day, and products like our statues remind you of what this world is really made. Swami Nirmalananda is expanding the line to include every day products, like coffee mugs that read “I am Shiva,” that will remind you throughout your day of the unitary reality expressing itself in a divine multiplicity. All of our products are designed to help you to embrace the whole of life from a deeper place within yourself. They support your experience of Self in the midst of your life.