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Svaroopa® Yoga Basics Pose Instruction Cards

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Your personal practice will be easier and more powerful than ever before with our new Pose Instruction Cards.  The first set is available now, Svaroopa® Yoga Basics.  These are the Foundational Poses —the reliable core opening poses that provide the foundation of your practice.

The compact size of your full-color, easy-to-read pose cards make them ideal for spre ading out, to design your pose sequence and lead you through your poses. The cards are on a sturdy paper, which is glaze d for your long-term utility and enjoyment. 

Detailed information on each pose includes:

  • Instructions
  • Sanskrit name, translation & English names
  • Concerns & Dangers
  • Props & Pose Angles
  • Reliable & Possible Spinal Release
  • Benefits
  • Type of Movement
  • When to Do

Your cards come hole-punched to fit the FREE matching binder, designed to hold the first four pose sets that will be published monthly, corresponding with the first four themes in your study of Svaroopa® yoga:

Basics (now available)
Daily Practice
Lower Spinal Release
Upper Spinal Release

These cards are included in Svaroopa® Yoga Basics:

Your Home Practice — how to get the most out of your personal practice

Shavasana (Corpse Pose, Relaxation Pose)

Ujjayi Pranayama (Yoga’s Sounding Breath)

Magic 4 Pose #1 — Prasarita Padottanasana (SloMo, Slow Motion Dive)

Prasarita Padottanasana with Ujjayi Pranayama

Magic 4 Pose #2 — Janushirshasana in the chair (Crook’t Knee Pose)

Magic 4 Pose #3 — Anjaneyasana (Lunge)

Magic 4 Pose #4 — Jathara Parivrttanasana (Reclining Spinal Twist, Rotated Stomach Pose)

Supta Garbhasana (Reclining Child’s Pose)

Pawanmuktasana:  Alternate Leg

Pawanmuktasana:  Diagonal Alternate Leg

Ardha Mandukasana (Half Frog)

Garbhasana (Child’s Pose)

Sukhasana (Easy Pose, Sweet Pose)

Pawanmuktasana:  Blade

Pawanmuktasana:  Seated Side Stretch

Vajrasana (Digestion Pose, Firm Pose)