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Svaroopa® Yoga Daily Practice Instruction Cards

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Creating and maintaining your personal daily practice will be easier and more powerful with your new Pose Card Set - Daily Practice, available now. These cards build on your Svaroopa® Yoga Basics set while providing you with advanced variations plus three new poses for your personal yoga and support for your meditation practice.

The compact size of your full-color, easy-to-read pose cards make them ideal for spreading out to design your pose sequence and lead you through your poses. The cards are on a sturdy paper, which is glazed for your long-term utility and enjoyment.

Your cards come hole-punched to fit your matching binder (FREE with the purchase of the Svaroopa® Yoga Basics Pose Cards), designed to hold your first four pose sets that correspond with the first four themes in your study of Svaroopa® yoga.

Daily Practice (now available)
Lower Spinal Release
Upper Spinal Release

These cards are included in Svaroopa® Yoga Daily Practice:

Principles of Daily Practice

Shavasana - Variation: Hip Scootch

Alternate Leg - Variation: Around the Block

Supta Janushirshasana

Sukhasana - Extra Props & Alignments (Stick behind Spine, Ankle Pillow, Ribs In, Neck & Head Back)


Vajrasana - Variation: Tip Front & Back

Yoga Mudra

Detailed information on each pose includes: advanced variations on 5 poses from your Basics set, to deepen the effects of each pose 3 new poses, including an advanced seated pose Emphasis on the classical seated poses as well as how these poses support your meditation Sanskrit name, translation & English names Full instruction for each pose, including props, pose angles and more New themes, consistent with the themes taught in Svaroopa® yoga classes, will be regularly published to continue to support and deepen your personal yoga practice.